• Princess Deena of Saudi Arabia was born in California. She traveled back and forth between the United States and Saudi Arabia before becoming a princess. The stylish Saudi royal, who's also a low-key street style star at Fashion Week, was also briefly the editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia before being dismissed. Short story, she is a fashion Icon in the arabian world. Luxury and gold are very important in the style. Be as luxurious as princess Deena and book your appointment now!
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  • Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, was a veritable fashion icon in her day. A huge fan of Dior's New Look, the "royal rebel" dressed in contrast to her prim elder sister and favored a bold variety of accessories—from glamorous sunglasses to bright headscarves. In fact, her style prowess earned its own nickname in the 1950s: "The Margaret Look." Create your own look in our Margareth dress and book your appointment now!  

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